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HJEM在丹麦语中是家庭的意思,欧洲人则用它来命名兼备意大利优良工艺传承与卓越开拓创新意识的公司。意大利的资深工业设计师与能工巧匠们携手合作,创造了HJEM品牌,旨在为客户提供专属定制的门业产品,通过系统方案,让每一位拥有他们的主人们在家中远离室外喧嚣嘈杂,隔绝严寒酷? 让居家生活更加安全舒适?/p>


HJEM. A Danish way to call Home. An European name to define a company that creates the best of “made in Italy?and Italian creativity in terms of safety and security. The creativity of Italian designers and master craftsmen, that carefully design and make the Hjem doors,is aimed at protecting those who live in homes from all that is outside (noise, weather, delinquency…to make them feel comfortable,offering design solutions pleasant and personalized.

We combine creativity with security and protection,because every door is unique and tailored to the customers.

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